What To Expect With Sprinkler System Installation


A sprinkler irrigation system is a benefit to your yard. You can choose between an aboveground set of sprinklers or an underground irrigation system. However, the end result is the same — irrigation for your landscaping. You can even enjoy water-saving features such as a sensor that adjusts according to how much it has rained. While sprinkler installation can be a do-it-yourself job, it's one more easily handled by the professionals.

25 March 2020

Landscaping Supplies You'll Need To Make Flower Beds For Your Yard


Flowers add color and beauty to your lawn. However, you can't just plant them anywhere. You need well-defined beds that accentuate the flowers and protect them from grass and weeds. Choosing the right flowers and soil amendments are the hard parts about planting flowers. Making the beds is much easier. Here are a few landscaping supplies you'll need. Edging To Hold Back Grass Edging makes up the boundaries of a flower bed.

3 February 2020

Landscaping Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell According To Its Value


Selling your home is a major undertaking that you will need to prepare for in order to sell it for its full value. If you list your home for sale in a condition that needs repairs and updating, it will affect the amount of money you can get from it and affect the time your house is on the market, especially if there are many other homes for sale that are similar.

23 December 2019

5 Steps To Help Your Lawn Recover From Summer


As fall arrives and the weather turns colder, many people stop spending so much time outdoors enjoying their lawn. But don't overlook the importance of repairing the lawn from the damage that summer sun and fun can wreak on it. What should you do to help the lawn recover and prepare for the cold of winter? Here are a few steps to take. 1. Clean Up Debris. Summer play tends to leave many items on and around the lawn.

23 October 2019

Do You Want A Picture Perfect Back Yard?


Have you always wanted a back yard that looked like it could be in a home and garden magazine? And yet, you have also come to the realization that you don't have a clue about how to obtain that backyard. Plus, maybe you don't have a green thumb and you've never had any real success in having plants grow the way they should. Or, it could be that you simply don't have the time to invest in landscaping your back yard.

5 September 2019

3 Tips For Preventing Patio Weeds


From an outdoor space for grilling out and relaxing in the sun, to an increase in your home's appeal and value, the benefits of a patio should be easy to see. Unfortunately, maintaining a patio is not as simple as some people think, especially if and when weeds start to erupt. You may be surprised to learn how quickly and how fiercely weeds and grow, erupting in between your patio pavers and stones and creeping across the entire outdoor surface.

7 August 2019

2 Services To Maintain And Keep Your Yard And Landscaping Looking Great For A Long Time


Anytime you put in the work and investment to make repairs to and maintain areas of your home and yard, you want them to look great and to last for as long as possible. Environmental factors can cause your asphalt pavement and your lawn to deteriorate and age sooner, requiring some extra care and time to keep them at top quality. Here are two services you should consider hiring to maintain the appearance of these areas of your yard and landscaping for long-term quality.

8 June 2019