Getting Sod? Learn About The Different Grass Types Available To You


If you want to improve the look of your barren lawn quickly, you may be considering sod as a way to do it. Unfortunately, you may feel overwhelmed or confused at the different types of grass that sod comes in. Different types of grass will work better in different regions, have different kind of maintenance, and can even be different in how it looks. Before you buy your sod, you should know the differences between the grass types available to you.


Bermuda grass is very versatile, often being used for sports fields or parks. It grows fine in climates that are warm and fairly dry, which makes it a great option for your lawn if you are in a southern region in the US.


While Zoysia originally was found in Asia, it's a common grass type to see in the US since it has been imported for quite some time. Zoysia is considered to be a very traditional grass because it can thrive in almost any climate. It can be affected by extremely cold temperatures, and needs to have the right soil underneath for drainage so that it can grow properly.

Red Fescue

A great grass that has very low-maintenance is Red Fescue, which is ideal for those that do not want to frequently cut their grass but still would like it to look attractive. The grass works best in areas that are cool and shady, while also being in a climate that is not too hot. It works best in mountain areas because of this.

St. Augustine

Live in the coastal south? St. Augustine could be right for you. It is ideal for regions that are hot and humid with it being able to grow quite well. It does require sunlight, so avoid getting St. Augustine if your yard has a lot of shade. The grass doesn't grow that well in cold climates, which makes sense since the grass is originally from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.


Pampas grass can be hard to maintain since it will grow very high during the summer time, thriving on the dry and sunny weather. The texture of the grass itself is sharper than other grasses, which is not exactly friendly to those that frequently walk on the grass. Pampas will also overtake other plants that are growing near the grass.

Now that you know more about these 5 grass types, you can make an informed decision about which one will be best for your home. For more information, contact companies like Metro Sod & Seeding Inc.


2 June 2016

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