2 Ways A Drip Irrigation System Can Save You Money


When it comes to maintaining a well-manicured yard, access to water is essential. Water can be delivered to your flower beds, shrubs, and other landscaping features via a variety of vehicles, but drip irrigation can be one of the most cost-effective delivery methods.

Here are two ways that making the choice to install a drip irrigation system can save you money in the future.

1. Drip irrigation eliminates wind drift.

When you use a traditional pop-up sprinkler head watering system to deliver water to your yard, you could be losing some of the water you are trying to provide to wind drift.

Wind drift occurs when the droplets of water that become airborne when they leave a pop-up sprinkler head are blows away from their anticipated target. If wind drift is affecting your yard, you will have to use more water than necessary to ensure your plants don't go thirsty.

Excess water usage drives up the cost of your water bill. By installing a drip irrigation system instead, you prevent any of the water being delivered throughout your yard from becoming airborne. This means there is no potential for wind drift, and the increased water costs that go along with it.

2. Drip irrigation increases soil saturation.

Plants stay hydrated by using their roots to draw in water from the surrounding soil. Maintaining proper soil hydration can be a great way to keep your yard looking great throughout the growing season.

Traditional pop-up sprinkler systems deliver water onto the surface of your plants. A minimal amount of water reaches the soil, and even less seeps into the soil to aid in long-term saturation. 

Since a drip irrigation system delivers water to the base of your plants (and directly onto the soil in which they are growing) this type of water delivery system helps to ensure that the surrounding soil stays damp long after you turn your water off. Saturated soil created by a drip irrigation system can meet a plant's hydration needs using less water than a pop-up sprinkling system can.

Water conservation is a great way to reduce your overall spending when maintaining your home's landscape. Drip irrigation water systems can aid in conserving water by eliminating wind drift and helping to deliver water in a manner that encourages soil saturation. Be sure to consider the benefits of a drip irrigation system when trying to determine how to water your yard in the future. For more tips to find the sprinklers that are best for your yard, check out providers like H2O Lawn Sprinklers.


5 June 2016

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