Pushing It: Manual Vs. Motorized Mowers


If you have just moved into a home where you are responsible for lawn maintenance, you know that getting a mower is essential. But which type of mower to get can be a difficult choice. You'll see manual and powered mowers (as well as riding, but if your lawn isn't that big, a riding mower may be overkill), and using these can be quite different. Here's a look at how each might affect your lawncare endeavors.

Ease of Use

Both manual and motorized mowers are easy to use, but for different reasons. A motorized mower is power-assisted, so it's not very difficult to push it along. But the motor adds weight, making it harder to move around on non-lawn surfaces (say, if you're transporting it to another part of your property). A manual motor will be tougher to push on a lawn because it relies solely on your strength to keep moving. However, the mower as a whole will be lighter-weight because there won't be any fuel and no motor parts. If you're more concerned about mowing your lawn easily, a motorized mower might be better. If you want something that's easier to transport outside the lawn area, a manual mower may be better.

Ease of Storage

Manual mowers win here. With motorized mowers, you have to worry about fuel storage and flammability, as well as rusting motor parts if the mower's going to sit over winter. A manual mower has no fuel, so all you really have to worry about in terms of storage are the blades and wheels.


This really depends on the quality. Technically, a manual mower will have fewer parts that can break. But a poorly made manual mower may be more of a repair risk than a well-made motorized mower. If you can get a quality motorized mower but can't find a good manual mower, go with motorized, and vice versa.


A motorized mower can have options like mulching blades, which spread the grass clippings back over the lawn as a form of mulch. Manual mowers may have fewer options, so if all you want is a basic mower -- one that just cuts grass -- a manual may suffice. Anything fancier, and a motorized mower may be better.

Talk to lawn equipment sellers, like Hartill's Mountain Saw & Tractor, about the models they have, and see if they'll let you try pushing various models of mowers around. Take a good look at how you might handle fuel storage, too, as that can be a dangerous thing if done incorrectly.


6 June 2016

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