Tips For Recovering An Area After Tree Removal


A dead tree can be a danger and a blight to your landscape, but the scar left behind after removal may be equally as ugly. Fortunately, you will be able to remedy the eyesore much more quickly once the tree is removed. Take the time to read through these tips before you schedule the tree removal so you know what to do both before and after to ensure your lawn improves as fast as possible.

Tip #1: Wait for dry weather

Except for the smallest of trees, tree removal requires some heavy equipment and several workers in work boots. A wet lawn is more likely to become rutted or damaged from all the traffic, especially if a scissor lift or other work vehicle is needed to move the arborists into the tree. Schedule the tree removal for when there is no rain in the forecast. It's also a good idea to leave the sprinklers off the evening before and the morning of the removal.

Tip #2: Opt for grinding

There are a couple of options for removing the stump, but grinding is the best if you want to begin the lawn renovation quickly. The other common option is to drill holes in the stumps and pour in chemical stump killer. While effective, it's a long process. With grinding, your removal grew can reduce the stump to sawdust in short order, so you can begin working on the lawn as soon as the next day if you want.

Tip #3: Clean it up

While a little bit of sawdust can provide nutrients like carbon for growing grass, too much can leave the grass starved for other nutrients, like nitrogen. Take the time to rake up as much of the sawdust as you can. You can always use it to mulch around a shrub or in a garden bed.

Tip #4: Level up

Good soil is a must, so purchase a quality topsoil and compost mix from your nursery. The area where the tree was is going to settle as the remainder of the below-ground stump and roots decay, so you want to build the soil level up above the grade. Then, lay sod over the area or seed it with grass seed. Sod has the benefit of giving you an instant lawn, while grass seed takes more time but is also less expensive.

For more help, contact a tree removal service like Arborcare Tree Service in your area.


6 June 2016

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