Do You Offer Dog Boarding Services At Home? Install An Artificial Turf Play Area


If you work at home on a regular basis, you may have taken up dog boarding to expand your income. It is a great way to earn extra money without getting in the way of the other work that you do at home. You can just keep an eye on the dogs that you bring in throughout the day. But, to gain new clients on a consistent basis, you need to provide dog owners with a reason to choose your services over someone else's. Installing an artificial turf play area can give you a major edge over other dog boarders.

Avoid Yellowing or Dead Grass from Dog Urine

The problem with having lots of dogs at your house is that their urine is deadly, at least to grass. With your own dog, you can just train them to go potty in a certain part of the yard to minimize the damage. But you cannot do this with a bunch of random dogs, so you have to come up with a solution. An effective solution is to create a large, fenced-in area that is fully covered in artificial turf. This way, when visiting dogs urinate, you do not have to worry about them causing damage to the grass. While the play area will start to smell over time, you can easily eliminate the scent by hosing off the area on a regular basis.

Great for Playing Year-Round

During certain parts of the year, a traditional lawn might not survive or it may get extremely muddy. This makes it difficult to advertise dog boarding services because you cannot have them play outside. But artificial turf keeps the area from becoming unplayable by keeping the area flood and mud-free, so it may be a good idea to install artificial turf in some areas of your yard.

Keep the Yard Praiseworthy

Dogs that visit may have tendencies to dig or kick up grass when they go potty. Trying to keep the lawn in good condition would be impossible, and you would have to spend a lot of money on yard repairs. Also, when you take pictures of the dogs playing to send to your clients, they would not look too pretty. Again, the solution may be to install artificial turf. Artificial turf gives you a reliable groundcover for dogs that you can systematically maintain.

You may feel somewhat limited with your dog boarding services when you are afraid to allow large dogs or a large number of dogs due to the risk of yard damage. Creating a play area with synthetic turf will give you confidence in your services and the ability to earn a notable income by taking in more dogs.


7 June 2016

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