Having A Tree Professionally Trimmed? Ask For These Things To Be Left Behind


It's always a smart and safe idea to hire a crew of professionals when you need a tree trimmed. While you can reasonably handle small pruning tasks, anything from cutting medium or large branches off the tree to taking it down entirely is best left to people who know what they're doing. Just because you hire a tree service doesn't mean that you can't play a role in ensuring the job is done to your satisfaction. While tree service crews will customarily cart everything away after the tree has been trimmed, you can ask for these things to be left behind for various reasons.


Trimming a tree will leave lots of leaves strewn around your yard, and you can count on any reputable tree service to have a crew member rake them up so the yard is meticulous when the crew pulls away from your home. If your yard is short on trees, however, consider asking the crew to forget about the leaves. You'll be able to rake them afterward and distribute them throughout your garden or compost. As they decompose, the leaves will release numerous nutrients into your garden or compost to make the soil more fertile, which is ideal whether you're growing flowers or vegetables.

The Stump

If you're having a tree cut down, you might wish to ask the tree trimming service to leave a few feet of the stump sticking up. Customarily, they'll trim it flush with the grass around it, but there can be advantages to having a stump left behind. Some homeowners build birdbaths onto the top of stumps, while others use the wood — provided that it's cut nice and squarely — as a foundation for potted plants. The stump can also simply add visual appeal to your yard, depending on where it's located.

Some Of The Wood

You might also wish to think about having some of the wood left behind. Small twigs, for example, are easy to rake up and save to use if you have backyard fireplace or oven; this is preferable to having to buy kindling. In the case of larger branches, provided that you're comfortable with cutting them down after the tree service crew leaves, they're ideal to use as firewood. Keep in mind, however, you don't want to use any wood that is overly rotten as firewood, as storing even a few pieces inside your home could subject you to various insects that could be living in the wood.


7 June 2016

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