Landscaping Your Yard? 4 Tools You May Need


If you are planning to landscape your yard, there are a variety of tools that you need. Some of the tools below you may not have heard of, but they can be of great assistance to you. Below are a few of these tools, so you can decide if you need them..


If you need to break up dirt, chop roots, and dig holes, then you need this tool. It looks much like a hoe, and you can find them with different heads. One type is the shovel head, which is great for digging holes to plant shrubs, or to break up soil that is hard packed. Another head is the chopping head, which works great if you are removing old landscaping to put in new. For example, if you are trying to take out an old bush, this tool can cut through it easily to make it easier to remove.

Refuse Fork

If you live in an area that has rocky soil, a refuse fork can help you pick rocks up easily without having to bend over constantly to pick them up yourself. This tool can pick up several small rocks at one time, and can even handle larger rocks. It can also dig down into the soil to remove rocks that you cannot see.

Landscape Rake

If you have soil that you need to level or smooth out, it can be frustrating to do this with a light grass rake or a heavy rake. There are rakes that are made specifically for this purpose. This type of rake is lightweight and generally made out of aluminum. This tool has a wide head to allow you to even out wide areas of soil without having to go back to pass over the soil again to get it completely smooth.

Dandelion Weeder

If you are like a lot of people, you have a lot of dandelions in your yard. Even if you mow, they come right back because mowing does not remove the roots. Go to a garden center and ask them for a dandelion weeder. This tool has tines that you put over the dandelion that twist directly around the dandelion, removing the weed and roots. This minimizes damage to the surrounding areas. It may take some time to get rid of all of them, but once you do, they will not come back.

You can make your landscaping beautiful by using these tools. If you need more help, contact a supplier such as Charles Bopst Trucking.


7 June 2016

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