Tips For Evaluating Your Child When He/She First Mows The Lawn


When they've never done it before, it's customary for children to want to help out with yard maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn, but before you can feel comfortable assigning the job to your child, you need to make sure that he or she is responsible enough for the assignment. Mowing the lawn has its share of danger, but as long as your child has a healthy respect for the job at hand, you can expect him or her to excel. Beyond safety, you also want to make sure that your child is doing a good job. During the first few mowing sessions, it's useful to stand nearby and observe. You can then make some pointers, including these.


In lawn care vernacular, overlap is the term that describes how much you overlap the previous pass you've made with the lawnmower when you're cutting the adjacent section of grass. Too much overlap makes the job last longer than it should, while too little overlap can risk missing some blades of grass between the two passes. Make sure your child's overlap is correct. While there are no firm rules about overlap size, given that every mower is built slightly differently, you definitely want at least a couple inches of overlap to ensure that all the grass is cut.

Discharge Direction

While your child is concentrating on the task at hand, he or she might overlook the side of the mower from which grass clippings are being discharged. Teach your child to make the necessary directional adjustments to ensure that this discharge is always sent toward the middle of the lawn. You don't want grass clippings shot onto the driveway, walkway or your gardens. To avoid this problem, all your child will need to do is change his or her direction for a couple passes when working next to such areas.


Unless your lawn is typically in pristine condition, it may have some obstacles that your child will need to watch out for. Teach your child the importance of walking through the area that he or she will be mowing in advance to pick up any rocks, sticks other such items that could be picked up and thrown by the mower's spinning blade. Tree roots are an obstacle that can't be moved, so make sure your child knows to leave a wide berth around such areas to avoid damaging the roots and dulling the blade of the mower.

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8 June 2016

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