3 Ideas For Making Your Landscaping Flood Resistant During The Rainy Season


Living in a climate that receives a lot of rainfall can mean negative effects on your front or backyard if you don't landscape with the weather in mind. To avoid damage to your landscaping in the form of grass that's flooded or plants that come up at the root from too much moisture, it's a good idea to look into what kinds of changes you can make to the landscaping. By designing your yard with flooding in mind, you can prevent any problems with your yard and enjoy your landscaping even in the rainy season.

Dig Out and Fill a Small Retaining Pond

An easy way to collect rainwater that has pooled up in your yard is with a retaining pond. By digging out a pond that is located in an area that water naturally falls into, you can be confident that a lot of water is trapped before it reaches your landscaping. This can be an effective way to cut down on potential damage that rainwater can have in your yard.

To make sure that the pond is as effective at collecting rainwater without bringing about pests and other issues, make sure that the pond is kept clean and that you have a few plants which deter algae growth as well.

Avoid Plants That Don't Do Well with Lots of Watering

When choosing plants to grow in your yard, you need to keep in mind the problem that excess rainwater can create. If some of the plants you have in your yard don't need regular watering, they may not do well during the rainy season due to too much water. Sticking with plants that are fairly flexible and will do okay with a lot of rainwater can help ensure that all of your plants stay vibrant.

Keep the Yard Slanted, if Possible

An easy way to help move rainwater away from the foundation of your yard and the plants is by making sure that there is a natural slant. If your yard isn't already curved downward towards the street, it's a good idea to get landscaping done to the lawn so that it is more curved and will be able to direct rainwater naturally.

If you're interested in landscaping with the rain in mind, it's important that you don't just rush into the project. By knowing what's involved with landscaping for a rainy climate, you can get the yard you want without worrying about rain damage. For more information, contact a landscape company like Show-Me Mowing.


14 June 2016

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