Building A Koi Pond: 3 Features You Don't Want To Leave Out


Koi ponds are beautiful and relaxing, which is why many people want to have one in their back yard. What's more, koi are believed to bring good fortune. A breathtaking and long-lived species, koi can grow to be very large in size and can live for 70 years or more if they are kept in the right conditions. The oldest known koi was over 225 years of age. Koi are pond fish, meaning they are happier and healthier when they are kept in outdoor ponds rather than indoor aquariums. However, not any pond will do. If you want to build a pond to keep koi, it should have certain features.


Koi need lots of water. The minimum size pond requirement for a handful of koi is approximately 1,000 gallons, which is a fairly large pond. You would need a pond measuring 3 feet by 8 feet and it has to be at least 3 feet deep to meet the minimum requirements. If you want to keep more than a handful of fish, you will have to build an even larger pond.  As a general rule of thumb, you should have 10 gallons for every inch of fish, and koi can grow up to 26 inches long. Jumbo koi get even larger than that. 


Koi ponds also need adequate aeration for a constant supply of fresh oxygen. Aeration occurs any time the surface of the water is broken, so the goal is the keep the surface of the water agitated at all times. Fountains and waterfalls do this job quite well and they are beautiful to look at. Since you will most likely have an external filtration system, waterfalls and other water features are also practical as they can help return filtered water to the pond.  


To keep your koi healthy and your pond clean, you will want to install a filtration system. A filtration system can skim water and debris from the surface, and return it via a waterfall, or the intake can be fully submerged. In all systems, the water passes through a filter and returns to the water via a fountain, waterfall, or spill pipe. 

If you want beautiful, healthy, long-lived koi, you have to create the right conditions for them. A large pond with plenty of aeration and adequate filtration is necessary. You also have to take care not to exceed stocking recommendations and to keep your pond in good working order. Contact a business, such as Colourscape Inc, for more information.   


14 June 2016

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