Why Homeowners Need A Lawn Care Professional


Are you tired of having a brown lawn all winter, only for it to green up and then die again once summer hits? Do you want a yard that will make all of your neighbors envious? Lawns can be a tricky thing, even after several years of trial and error. If you're tired of poor results, it may be time to call in a professional. Here are some reasons why and how they can help:

Grass varieties: There are many different types of grass. Some naturally grow short, others grow a little taller, some need a lot of water and some love a drought. For best results, many lawn grass seed mixes contain several different species of grass. Unfortunately, these grasses sometimes have slightly different needs. With your current lawn care program, you may only be encouraging a grass that grows during a specific portion of the year. Lawn care services will know how to best take care of all of the species and varieties of grass that your lawn contains. If you have the wrong grass types for your area, they'll be able to reseed your lawn to make it look lush and beautiful.

Fertilization schedule: Grass can be a very hungry and demanding plant. While leaving the grass clippings on the lawn after you mow it can help, you'll still need to add additional fertilizer. This can be easy to forget, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Lawn care services can make sure that your grass is fertilized on time and in the correct amounts so that it remains lush and green for as long as possible. Since you're not doing it yourself, you won't have to worry about accidentally miscalculating the amounts needed and either under or over fertilizing your lawn.

Watering times: If you've got an automatic sprinkler system, you or the previous homeowner probably set it once and then more or less forgot about it. Unfortunately, grass needs slightly different amounts of water depending on the season. During spring, it's often wet or at least cool so that water doesn't evaporate much. Summer is often hot and dry, leading to grass that is dry and crispy. If you use the same amount of water during all seasons, you could either drown your lawn or have it be as dry as a bone. Your lawn care services can help you come up with a calendar that states exactly when the sprinkler system needs to be changed, what it needs to be changed to, and whether it'll be you or them that does the reprogramming. Contact a business, such as Glaciers Edge Maintenance, for more information. 


14 June 2016

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