3 Things That A Lawn Mowing Service Can Do For You That You May Not Know About


When most people think of what a lawn mowing service will do for them, they assume that they are going to mow their lawn and likely weed-eat the edges. However, most lawn mowing services can do much more than that for you. Since caring for your landscaping generally requires a lot more than just mowing the grass, this is very beneficial for a lot of people. This article will discuss 3 extras that a lawn mowing service (click here for more about this topic) can do for you to help you care for your yard that you may not know about.     

Tree and Bush Trimming

If you have trees and/or bushes in your yard, then you realize just how important it is to have these trimmed back regularly. Not only does this stop them from growing out of control and keep them looking good, but it also helps the nutrients from the trees and bushes to support the core and healthy parts of the plant. However, it is important that you know how to properly trim a tree or bush so that you don't end up doing more damage than good. Thankfully, the people that come in from the lawn mowing service will have a detailed knowledge of trees and bushes, as well as skill with how to properly use the tools required to trim them safely and successfully. 

Weed Removal and Fertilizing

Another essential part of lawn care that a lawn mowing service can do for you is to take care of removing your weeds and fertilizing your yard. They have the license to spray and remove the weeds that could otherwise overpower your lawn, and they also have great fertilizers to help your lawn either remain green and healthy or become this way. This is excellent for you because you won't have to stress about trying to figure out how to take care of these things on your own without any background knowledge or access to the proper chemicals. 

Proper Use and Care Of Your Irrigation System

While an irrigation system does an excellent job of watering your lawn without much work from you, there are still some things that need to be done to ensure that you get the most out of it and that it stays in proper working condition. The lawn mowing service that cares for your yard can also be in charge of caring for your irrigation system. They will be able to setup your irrigation clock so that your sprinklers water at the proper times. They will also be in charge of removing all of the water from your irrigation pipes, also known as "winterizing" so that this water doesn't freeze inside and ruin your irrigation system during the colder months of the year.    


16 June 2016

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