Three Trends In Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring has a timeless appeal. Whether you like the look of a classical home, create the look of a heavily used industrial space, or you want to surround yourself with natural accents, wood is a material that lends itself to a myriad of styles. While you can find hardwood at your local hardware store, you can also use reclaimed wood. On the other hand, what you do to your hardwood floors is often as important as the kind of wood you use or where you get your wood from (like an outlet such as ML Condon Company Inc). 

Color Trends

You can find all sorts of stain colors to use on hardwood floors, but rather than try to coat your floors with an edgy color, you are often better served to go with a neutral color. Thus, error on the side of extremes. Either go with an ultra-light or blonde look for your wood, or go with ultra dark or ebony. In either case, the colors at the extreme of the color continuum tend to pair better with the colors you plan to use in your home. Save funky accent colors for accent walls, throw pillows, or other accents. 

Reclaimed Wood

One way to get a wood floor that adds a lot of character to your home is to buy planks that were once used on a flatbed trailer. Such wood will have a lot of wear and distress, but once they are sanded down a little and treated with a fresh coat of strain, they will give a naturally distressed look that will add a ton of character to your home.

Wire-Brushed Wood

The grain patterns in wood are made up from alternating layers of hard and soft wood. When you run a wire brush over the wood, the bristles of the brush will scrape away the softer wood and leave the harder wood intact, which will give a convincingly weathered look to your wood. To complete the weathered look, treat your wood with a low-gloss, grey stain. You can thus create a shabby chic look for your floor. 

These are just three trends to consider when choosing hardwood floor for your home, but if you have the time to hunt for just the right wood or do a little work to your floors to create a unique look, these trends are worth looking into. Just remember that floors take up a lot of space in a home, and thus can easily dominate your design scheme. Thus, it is better to make subtle changes to your floor rather than go extreme.  


16 June 2016

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