Is Street Noise Preventing Peacefulness In Your Backyard? 3 Landscaping Tips To Fix This Problem


Living next to a busy street may not be disturbing while you are inside your home, as long as you have excellent insulation with the doors, windows, and walls to keep out noise. But, you may hear just about every vehicle passing by when you are spending time in your backyard, which may not be that enjoyable. While you could always move, you may love your house and want to find an effective solution. Landscaping with street noise in mind is exactly what you need to enjoy peace in your backyard.

Create a Plant Border Along the Noisy Side

The fastest and one of the most effective ways to reduce the noise is to build a plant border. Whether you decide to grow trees or shrubs, you should be looking for landscaping that provides thick growth. If you do not have a raised slope to work with or you do not want to create one, you should consider growing American arborvitae trees. It is best to start off with partially grown trees to enjoy benefits right away. Fortunately, as soon as they are put into your yard, they will provide noise reduction all year long. You may need to plant quite a few trees to block out most of the noise, but they are very easy to maintain. They only require routine watering and occasional pruning when the branches start looking unwieldy.

Designate an Area to Spend Time

One way to combat street noise is to spend time on the opposite side of where the noise is coming from. To give this dedicated area a distinct look, you can surround it with plant borders similar to the property edge. You can mix it up with trees such as the Leyland cypress or white pine, both which grow very quickly. This allows you to save money by getting smaller trees and still enjoying noise blockage in just a year or two. For instance, you can get a white pine at five feet for $60 compared to 12 feet for $150.

Add a Trickling Fountain

Calming noise from dripping water is another method to counter street noise. You can make a luxurious wall fountain or build one into the landscape with a handmade fountain. The most important thing to remember is that water must fall from a long distance to create a strong enough trickling sound.

Using some or all of these ideas for your landscape will quickly turn your backyard into a peaceful place. Click here to learn more about landscape design.


20 June 2016

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