Regular Tree Maintenance


Although you may love your trees, like many property owners, you may perform little or no maintenance on them. Although trees sometimes do fine without special care, trees are more likely to thrive if you pay attention to their needs. Instead of ignoring your trees, you should devise a simple care routine to help them reach their growth potential.


You probably know to water newly planted trees, but you may not realize that they need steady watering for their first two growing seasons. They need this water because they are working hard to establish their root system. You should deep water your young trees so that the soil stays moist to the bottom of the root level. Deep watering does not mean overwatering, however. If the ground is soggy, you have used too much water. If you use sprinklers, set your system to water less frequently but more deeply and make certain the water is hitting the root zone. When the water begins to run off, shut down the sprinklers. A company like Steeplechase can help install and adjust your sprinklers if needed. After the first two years, you should not have to water your trees unless you are experiencing drought conditions.

Damaged Limbs

In the spring or after a bad storm, you should inspect your backyard for tree damage. Check each tree to see if you have any weak or dangling branches, and then remove them or have a tree service do it for you. In some cases, the trunk of a tree may have sustained some damage that requires it to be braced in order to keep it alive and whole. You will need a professional to take care of that task.


Your trees may benefit from fertilization if your soil is lacking. Experts recommend having a soil test performed to determine what type of fertilization program would benefit them. If you don't go the testing route, you can analyze your trees' "shoot growth." If this year's shoots are more than six inches long, your soil if probably fine. If shoot growth is under two inches, then you need to buy and apply a quality fertilizer. Also, if your tree's leaves are yellow or not the green that they should be in the spring and summer, they may need an application of fertilizer.

If you want your trees to be green and healthy, you need to pay attention to them. While they are young, they need a regular watering program. Also, if you are in drought conditions, you may have to provide some water. Make certain to have all damaged branches removed and also fertilize your trees when necessary. If your trees show other signs of problems, contact an arborist for advice.


21 June 2016

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