Want To Sell Your Home In The Future? Plan Accordingly By Growing Trees For Curb Appeal


A single tree is worth up to a 19% increase on your home's value, which is quite impressive. But, if you do not currently have any trees on your property, you should consider growing them before trying to sell. The process of growing and maintaining a tree until maturity is not that challenging, especially when you follow the correct guidelines and let professionals help you with things like pest control and pruning. Improving the curb appeal is something you should be looking to accomplish with planting trees.

Pick a Tree for Spring Bloom

Spring is the best time to sell a home. Not only do homes sell faster by several weeks, they sell for more. So, you will find it beneficial to plan for listing your property during springtime. To be precise, the optimal selling time happens at the beginning of May to the middle of May, which is mid-spring. It is best to choose a tree that you know will have an impressive bloom during this time to impress potential buyers. An excellent tree to grow for this situation is the fringe tree, which is known for blooming at this time.

Do Not Start from Scratch

Although you may want to start from the seed, this will only make the process more challenging. Planting a tree using this method will force you to wait longer for it to show substantial size. Considering the potential value increase on your home, it is worth paying a bit extra to begin with a partially grown tree. Many places give you the ability to choose multiple sizes, such as 5 feet or 12 feet for the Little gem magnolia. Both of these heights are decent already, but 12 feet is enough to start helping with curb appeal.

Beautify the Ground

If you are going to plant a tree or two in the front yard and the backyard as a backdrop, you should also try to beautify the surrounding ground. Planting anything under a young and growing tree is risky, mainly because you do not want to disturb the tree or cause any damage to the roots underneath. After you take care of your tree's needs, you can start looking into ways to further improve your home's curb appeal. Small plants are best because it reduces the chance of needing to dig deep to get them started.

Planting trees early on is a highly effective way to increase your home's values before having it listed. Contact a business like Outdoor Service Inc for further help.


4 July 2016

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