Landscape Supplies You Have To Buy When Gardening Is In Season And Why


Gardening season in most areas of the country begins somewhere in mid-March to early-April. It ends when the flowers have died or gone to sleep, all the fruits and vegetables have been harvested and the rest of the plants have been through the first frost in the northern regions. If you plan to do your own landscaping in the coming year, you have to buy some of your landscaping supplies during gardening season. Here are the supplies you will have to buy during this season and why.

Top Soil, Potting Soil, Manure, Fertilizer and Soft Mulch

Bags of soil are typically only sold during the growing season because they are used for planting and altering the soil you currently have in your yard. It is very unusual and very difficult to find and purchase these soils, fertilizers and moisture retainers out of season. For that reason, buy what you think you will need when you see it during the late spring and early summer months.

Late-Season and Early-Season Bulb Flowers

Certain bulb flowers need to be planted in the spring, while others, like tulips, need to be planted in late fall. These bulbs are only sold in stores during the seasons they are to be planted. You can buy them the rest of the year through mail order catalogs and seed companies, but they are typically more expensive that way. For this reason, be sure to find and purchase all of your bulbs when they are in season, and plant them in the same season in which you purchased them so that they will bloom and grow when they are supposed to.

Birdhouses and Bird Baths

With the exception of decorative (i.e., non-functional) birdhouses and heated bird baths, you typically cannot buy these landscaping accessories out of season either. This is especially true when you live in the northern half of the U.S. where snows and cold dominate in winter and very few birds stick around for the winter weather. If you want to add functional birdhouses and bird baths to your yard to attract whatever birds you can in every season, buy them during the gardening season when they are plentiful and there are many styles to choose from.


Sod is grown, cut, and sold through late fall. However, the best sod is grown earlier in the year. You might end up with subpar sod that is lacking in color and life late in the season, so buy it early if you need to install it in your yard. It is also a good idea to buy and install sod early so that it has firmly taken root and becomes a lush green lawn before the end of summer.

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6 September 2016

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