Late Nights, Morning Glorys: Why Lawn Care Should Happen At Dusk


Many people will schedule their lawn maintenance for the beginning of the day. By the time that the work day is over, all of the lawn care will be performed. While the beginning of the day is traditional, you may wish to wait until the sun starts to set before you get your lawn maintained. Here are a few reasons why you should set up appointments with your lawn care company at the end of the day. 

Easier to catch a breeze

When work is performed at the beginning of the day, the sun may be rising, along with the temperature. In the summer months, the temperature can rise rapidly, making the lawn work even more taxing than usual. Instead of booking your lawn care service coming during the day, book them to come at the end of the day. This way the temperature will be waning and it will be decreasing as time goes on. This will make things more comfortable for the crew. 

The water is able to soak in best

After your lawn has been cut and all of the leaves and excess branches are raked out of your yard, you should water your lawn. With the grass cut down and all of the debris cleared, the water will be able to soak into your soil better. Having a lawn cleared and water at night will give the branches and roots of your flowers, shrubs, and trees to soak up the necessary moisture as well. If you live in a hot or arid climate, this will be an especially important task to make sure that your lawn will survive. 

They may get a chance to rest first

If you book work at dusk or at night, your lawn maintenance company may get a chance to relax before they have to come to your job. This means renewed energy and better work. Many lawn maintenance companies will be booked up in the early morning hours until the early evening hours. If they get a few hours of downtime to relax they may be able to complete the job more easily. Having a well-rested crew can be important, especially if you have a big lawn or a lot of small tasks that will need to be performed. Speak with your lawn care company, such has Pattie Group, Inc, to determine how late in the day you can book and appointment and select the last possible slot. 


10 January 2017

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