Create Your Own Outdoor Grilling Area in the Span of a Weekend


Having to pull the grill onto the grass and trek across the lawn every time you want to cook something gets annoying. Why not create your own dedicated backyard grilling area? With a few basic DIY skills and the help of a friend or two, you can complete this project in the span of a weekend. Here's how.

Install natural-stone pavers.

Pouring a concrete pad would take too long. Here's a simpler idea: lay down a series of natural stone pavers to create a smooth, flat, heatproof area.

Laying down paver stones is quite easy. You can actually just lay the stones out side by side on top of the grass. Make sure they're right next to one another so no grass is able to poke through between them. Then, use a rubber mallet to gently pound the corners of the stones into the ground. Once you're finished, spray some weed killer in any tiny crevices between the stones to kill any lingering blades of grass. Talk to a company such as Estate Landscape for help with stone installation.

Put up a little fence.

To segregate the grilling area from the rest of the yard, you'll want to fence it in. You can purchase low-picket fencing kits at most home-improvement stores. They come with stakes you pound into the ground and pre-assembled fence panels that you attach to the stakes with a couple of nails or screws. Follow the instructions in the package to assemble the fence. Here are a few tips for success.

Make sure you leave an opening in the fence to one side. This is where you'll enter and exit the grilling area. Make sure the opening is at least three feet wide.

Use a yardstick to ensure you're pounding each stake into the ground at the same level. Otherwise, your fence may not end up straight.

Set up your grill, chairs, and table.

Now that you have a smooth, fenced-in area, it's time to turn it into an actual grilling zone. Wheel your grill in and set it up to one side. Place a heat-proof patio table next to it. This will come in really handy when you're juggling bowls and pans as you try to grill. Also set up a few chairs across from the grill so you and your dining partners can lounge as you cook.

Step back and admire your work! Of course, you can customize your grilling area by planting flowers around it or adding some other furniture. You may even wish to contact a landscaping professional and have them offer some tips to upgrade the area.


19 January 2017

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