How Landscape Design Is Done And Why Only Landscape Designers Can Do It


Landscape designers are not landscapers. Many people confuse those two career paths as both are related to creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Landscapers plant, mow, dig, and hoe. They do a lot of the "groundwork" to make a landscape come together. A landscape designer, on the other hand, designs how the landscape will look, and informs landscapers what to to plant and where. 

Why would you want to hire a landscape designer? It is simple, really. You want the yard around your home to be a vision of perfection. The designer takes the plot of land you have, and does with it what an interior decorator does to a room inside your home. The end result is often a blueprint, for lack of a better word, revealing all of the plants, bushes, trees, yard decorations, and grass your landscape designer expects the landscaper to install and where to install it. Here is more on how this process is done, and why only landscape designers can do it.

Entering the Plot Measurements Into the Software

When you hire the designer, the first thing he or she does is take the measurements of the plot of land on which your home resides. Then he/she takes measurements of the exteriors of all buildings, including your house and garage or storage shed. The distance between structures present in the yard from each other and from the property lines is also necessary to this process. 

Once the designer has all of the necessary measurements, he/she plugs those measurements into the design software. This creates an exact overhead view of your property at the moment, with all structures in their exact locations. The drawing is also drawn to scale, meaning that nothing is out of proportion with the rest of the drawing and every inch of the drawing is equal to "x" feet or meters in real life. Next, the designer begins to plot the landscaping.

Plotting the Landscaping

In this step of the process, the designer can use templates to represent certain objects that he/she is going to place in your yard. He/she can also custom design boxes and figures to represent less-than-typical items the designer wants in your yard. The designer may work with a CAD design computer and software, or use special software designed for use on laptops and desktop computers. Additionally, there are lots of little drawing tools the designer will use to designate the size, style, color, and even placement of trees, flowers, shrubs, curbing, mulch and brick in your yard.

Approving the Plan and Starting the Project

Once your designer has completed the drawing for your yard (he/she may make several revisions before it is finally ready), he/she shows you the mock-ups for your yard. If you like what you see and you approve the design, then the project starts as soon as a landscaper is hired. The landscape designer then hands the design off to the landscaper, and the landscaper brings in the list of supplies and a work crew to get started. 

Why Only Landscape Designers Can Do This Job

These professionals have degrees in landscape architecture and design. They know more about placing this plant next to that flower, and how the soil can support these plants and not those. Landscapers know a little too, but not to the extent that a designer does. The designer knows even more about how to keep plants growing and prevent their early demise based on soil types, fertilizers needed, soil irrigation design (moving water away from plants that do not need it), and where to place the perfect colors and foilage.


3 May 2018

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