2 Services To Maintain And Keep Your Yard And Landscaping Looking Great For A Long Time


Anytime you put in the work and investment to make repairs to and maintain areas of your home and yard, you want them to look great and to last for as long as possible. Environmental factors can cause your asphalt pavement and your lawn to deteriorate and age sooner, requiring some extra care and time to keep them at top quality. Here are two services you should consider hiring to maintain the appearance of these areas of your yard and landscaping for long-term quality.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Your property's asphalt pavement looks great and provides a durable surface for your vehicles, ATVs, and other outdoor tools and equipment. But with age the sun and weather cause the top layer of your asphalt to dry out and crack. Eventually, this deterioration will cause your asphalt to crumble into pieces, requiring a full replacement of the pavement. 

However, sealing up your pavement crack's as they occur is not going to be enough. As regular filling of cracks is necessary, you need to also restore the surface of the asphalt with a protective layer of asphalt sealcoating. This treatment rehydrates the asphalt with an emulsion coating to make the pavement waterproof, and the treatment also restores its flexibility and seals in the repairs to the asphalt cracking. The new layer of sealcoating emulsion also restores the appearance of your asphalt to keep it lasting longer than it would without the treatment.

An asphalt professional can prepare your asphalt for sealcoating with proper cleaning and filling of cracks, then apply the fresh layer of asphalt protection. Call a local asphalt company for details about this service.

Lawn Aeration

After you take care of your yard's pavement, you also want to protect and lengthen the appearance and life of your lawn, as it can make up a big area of your property. Your lawn is also a space for pets and children to play and other outdoor activities to take place.

Over time, your lawn's roots and soil become compacted, affecting the health of your lawn and its ability to take nutrients and moisture into its roots. A lawn aeration treatment pulls up plugs of soil through the lawn to allow oxygen, moisture, and fertilizers get deep to the roots of your lawn and loosen up soil compaction that can lead to poor lawn health and condition. A local landscape professional can provide a lawn aeration service in the spring or fall to help boost the condition and health of your lawn and its soil.


8 June 2019

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