Do You Want A Picture Perfect Back Yard?


Have you always wanted a back yard that looked like it could be in a home and garden magazine? And yet, you have also come to the realization that you don't have a clue about how to obtain that backyard. Plus, maybe you don't have a green thumb and you've never had any real success in having plants grow the way they should. Or, it could be that you simply don't have the time to invest in landscaping your back yard.

No matter the scenario, from doing some landscaping research on your own to arranging for custom landscaping services, here are some ideas that might help you.

Do Some Research Yourself

Buy some home and garden decorating magazines and start a portfolio of pictures you love. For example, if you are wanting a hardscape as part of your backyard design, cut out a picture of one that calls out to you in the magazine. Maybe you are smitten by topiaries that could be the focal point of your garden. Put that picture in your portfolio, too.

And, don't just go with the garden part of the magazines. You might find something in an actual room of a house that could be used as part of your landscape design. For example, an entry hall in a beautiful house might have a wall fountain in it.  Wouldn't that be something that could be added to your landscape?

Arrange For Custom Landscape

Once you have collected pictures of things you want as part of your landscaping, meet with an agent from a custom landscaping service. They will have the training and the experience to fine-tune your ideas and to make them an actual part of your garden.

For example, if you want to go with the hardscape you saw in one of the magazines, the landscaper might suggest that you surround it with a lush lawn, just to add more interest to the hardscape. The landscape service will also more than likely have somebody on the staff who can either make the topiaries for you or who can obtain them for you at a good price. The wall fountain might be only part of a wall design. The landscaper might suggest that you add half-pots and fill them with something like bougainvillea plants.

Besides the initial landscaping, think of making arrangements for workers to return to your house so that the landscaping can be maintained. It will more than likely be some of the best money you have ever spent on your home.


5 September 2019

Discussing Landscaping Practices

Hello, my name is Willy Wilson. When I was in college, I rented a small home with my friends and coworkers. The home was in bad shape and needed a lot of help across the entire property. My friends and I decided to build up the home from the inside out with a unique landscaping layout. The landscaping process ignited a passion for creating gardens out of tired, patchy lawn space. I want to use this site to explore all of the different ways you can create a beautiful landscape around your home. Come by anytime to learn about this fascinating subject.