Landscaping Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell According To Its Value


Selling your home is a major undertaking that you will need to prepare for in order to sell it for its full value. If you list your home for sale in a condition that needs repairs and updating, it will affect the amount of money you can get from it and affect the time your house is on the market, especially if there are many other homes for sale that are similar. Here are some landscaping tips to get your home exterior looking great for its listing photo and the real estate market.

Add Mulch to Your Landscaping

One of the best ways to make your home appearance uniform and neat is to add in mulch to the landscaped bedding areas and places where soil would normally be exposed. Bare soil can become dried out and gray in appearance, but with a rich chocolate brown mulch added onto the soil, it makes the landscaped area look more maintained and gives the soil a rich appearance.

Mulch in your bedding areas can also help you fight and eliminate weeds, which helps you during its time on the market. A layer of mulch will make it easier to keep your landscaping looking sharp. You don't want your landscaping to get shabby looking with any weed growth with a for sale sign in your yard, especially when you have listed it for sale in the summer.

Trim Shrubbery and Edge Lawn

Another great way to keep your landscaping looking well-kept is to keep the straight lines in your yard looking fine and sharp. The straight edges includes the top surface of your lawn, the borders between your lawn and any pavement and landscaped areas, and the edges of manicured shrubbery. If your shrubbery in your yard is large and overgrown looking, you will want to trim it back to help its appearance and its health. 

And you want your landscaping to accentuate and add value to your home, and if it is overgrown in front of windows and patios, it can put the property at risk of burglars or trespassers. You want to keep the shrubbery trimmed and neat as to not provide a safe harbor for a thief or vandal.

Keep your lawn mowed and edged regularly, at least once a week. If you cannot handle this task yourself due to work and other schedules, hire a professional landscape company to complete the task and keep your lawn, mulched areas, and landscaping looking great.


23 December 2019

Discussing Landscaping Practices

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