Landscaping Supplies You'll Need To Make Flower Beds For Your Yard


Flowers add color and beauty to your lawn. However, you can't just plant them anywhere. You need well-defined beds that accentuate the flowers and protect them from grass and weeds. Choosing the right flowers and soil amendments are the hard parts about planting flowers. Making the beds is much easier. Here are a few landscaping supplies you'll need.

Edging To Hold Back Grass

Edging makes up the boundaries of a flower bed. The edging keeps grass from encroaching on the flowers, and the edging makes it easier to use a weed trimmer or mower without harming the flowers. There are several types of edging that include wood posts, bricks, blocks, and plastic. Your edge border could be rectangular, circular, square, or curved. One way to decide on the design you want is to create a temporary border with a garden hose. This helps you visualize if you want a curvy edge or a straight edge for the bed, and knowing that, you can choose the right type of edging at the landscaping store.

Landscaping Fabric To Keep Out Weeds

Your flowers need contact with the earth so they can plant roots, but you may want to cover the space between your flowers with landscaping fabric so weeds don't keep springing up and spoiling the look of your flower bed. If you don't have a good way to control weeds, you'll have to spend a lot of time pulling weeds during the summer, and that takes away from the fun of having beautiful flowers. Landscaping fabric blocks weeds but allows rain to seep into the soil so your flowers will get plenty of water and not be bothered by weeds.

Mulch To Hold In Moisture

Mulch also helps control weeds, and you may want to use it alone or along with landscaping fabric. Mulch is also useful for holding the fabric in place, and it also holds moisture in the soil so the soil doesn't dry out too fast between watering or rain. There are many options for mulch. You might want wood chips, but these decay and need to be replaced fairly often. Another choice is pretty gravel rocks, such as pea gravel, that you buy from a landscaping supply store. Rocks last a long time and perform the same function as wood chips. You could also choose synthetic mulch, such as dyed rubber bits, if you want a particular color to surround your flowers.

Stepping Stones To Connect The Beds

If you'll have several flower beds, you may want to connect them with a walking path made of stepping stones. Stones are good for making paths since they allow water to drain into the ground, and stone paths are easy to make. Paths add visual interest to your yard too, and they keep people who want to admire your flowers off of the grass so your grass can grow lush and healthy. You can buy a variety of stones in all sizes and different colors from places that sell landscaping supplies, so you can get everything you need for your flower beds in one location.


3 February 2020

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