What To Expect With Sprinkler System Installation


A sprinkler irrigation system is a benefit to your yard. You can choose between an aboveground set of sprinklers or an underground irrigation system. However, the end result is the same — irrigation for your landscaping. You can even enjoy water-saving features such as a sensor that adjusts according to how much it has rained.

While sprinkler installation can be a do-it-yourself job, it's one more easily handled by the professionals.

Site Visit

When you hire sprinkler installation contractors, they will come out to your home for a site visit. They'll walk all around your property and observe the relevant landscaping. They'll take measurements of your property and also take note of specifics related to your yard, such as water line hookups and any slopes.

Part of the site visit also includes a discussion with you about your landscaping needs and goals. Be ready to discuss your budget because that topic will likely come up. Depending on the company, the contractor may offer you a cost estimate during the site visit. A more detailed bid will come later.

Irrigation Design

The next step is for the irrigation experts to devise a plan specific to your yard. They usually plan out your property according to zones. The different zones typically relate to the existing or target landscaping. For example, a lawn zone will have different requirements than a flower bed zone.

Some irrigation companies use a computer to model your yard and the proposed sprinkler system. Others may present you with a paper map. Regardless, they should be able to break down the pricing of their proposal.

Site Preparation

You may have to wait a week or two until the actual sprinkler system installation. The irrigation company has to order the necessary materials. They'll also contact the utility company to ensure they don't run into any underground lines.

You don't have a lot to do to prepare for installation day. Some contractors may ask you to cut your lawn short a day or two beforehand. A short lawn will be easier for them to navigate. Otherwise, you should make sure your yard is clear of impediments such as yard art or toys.


Installation of your sprinkler system may take a couple of days, depending on the size of your yard. If you have a lot of existing landscaping, such as mature trees, the installation may take longer.

The contractors will need to excavate trenches for the sprinkler line. Some companies may use plowing, which allows them to pull the line through the ground without major disruption of the yard. Once they've attached all the components, they'll fill any trenches back in and clean up.

To learn more, contact a sprinkler system installation contractor.


25 March 2020

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