Think About Using Masonry Walls In Your New House


When you are making plans as to what kind of house you want to build, there are all kinds of choices you are going to have to make. One of the things that you are going to have to consider is what kind of material you want to have your exterior walls to be made of. One of your choices is to go with some kind of masonry.


This category covers a lot of things. Masonry includes things like bricks, stones, and cement. You can have masonry veneers, which are thin layers of material that would go over the walls, making it look like they are masonry all the way through. You can also choose to have full masonry walls put in, which would have masonry all the way through. You could also choose to have some full masonry walls and some veneer masonry walls, for various reasons. There are a lot of benefits to using masonry at your house. 

Passive Heating

One of the benefits of masonry walls is that you can use them for passive heating. Masonry can become a thermal mass, which absorbs heat and then radiates it back out into the environment. There are various ways that you can do this. One is that you could have an interior masonry wall that faces a lot of windows that would get a lot of sun in the winter. As the sun heats up the wall and/or floor, the mass will store up the heat, and then radiate it out through the room and out into the house, which can help cut down your heating bills. You can also have outdoor walls that are full masonry that can do the same thing. You will just have to make sure that those walls are situated on the side of your house that will get the most sun in the winter. 

Load Bearing

Masonry walls can carry a higher load than other options, which means if you want to have a taller house or a heavier roof, or are planning to have something heavy in your house, you would be benefited by having walls that would carry the load. 

When you are building your house, you want to think about what will make it last as long as possible. Masonry walls can help with that and give you the house that you have always wanted to have. Reach out to a masonry service to learn more.


19 June 2020

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