Building A Treehouse? 3 Ways A Tree Service Can Help


A treehouse is one of the ultimate backyard kids' play areas, and it's something that many parents can tackle building on their own. But before and after the construction of your child's treehouse, you should work with a professional tree service. Here are three reasons why it benefits everyone.

1. Clean Up the Tree First

Before you decide on the shape, size, placement, and height of the treehouse, give the tree itself some attention in order to ensure a safe result. If you jump into construction on a tree that generally hasn't been touched in years, you risk working with damaged branches (above and below the project), infected or infested trees, weak limbs, or limbs that may need to be removed in the future. 

Instead, give the tree itself a health and safety check before finalizing plans. Trim large branches and smaller limbs to create a good appearance that will last and to facilitate the construction of the playhouse. Fertilize or treat it proactively to avoid any pest problems.

2. Consult On the Construction

While you work with a tree care service to get the tree ready, talk with them about what you plan to do with the treehouse. As tree professionals, the service has expertise in locating the safest or least safe parts of the tree, choosing the right branches to work with and support the structure, and which construction methods will least harm the tree.

3. Keep the Tree Healthy

After your project is done and the family is enjoying this new play area, don't neglect the tree. It should be inspected at least once per year to assess any changes that affect the tree's health — such as signs of pests or rot, dying sections of leaves, and new sap forming. Clean up growth to prevent animals or birds from building homes where they could get in the way of your child's fun. 

In addition to examining the tree as a whole, the service should also assess the areas specifically around the treehouse. These arbor experts should keep an eye on the stability of branches supporting the treehouse, new growth that could impinge on it, and any possible damage stemming from bolts or other support structures. 

If you give attention to the tree that houses your backyard playhouse, both will experience a long and fruitful life together. And then you and your family can sit back and have fun all year long.

For more information, contact a tree service in your area today.


24 July 2020

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