Fall Landscaping Services That Help Ensure A Beautiful Yard, Come Springtime


When fall comes, many homeowners take somewhat of a break from landscaping and figure they'll re-focus on their yard and gardens when spring arrives. If you're not sure what to do tor your yard after a long summer of watering, mowing, and fertilizing, you can manage to squeeze in just a few more specific landscaping services this fall. With these services, you will have a more beautiful yard come springtime.

Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating a lawn involves making tiny holes in the surface of the soil. This is typically done with a piece of equipment called an aerator, which a landscape professional can pull behind their mower. Aeration helps water get deeper into the soil, and it also helps break down any thatch that has accumulated in the grass over the summer. Aerating in the fall ensures that as soon as spring arrives, your grass roots are able to get the water and air they need to grow. Your lawn will come back more lush and vibrant thanks to this service.

Deep Watering Your Trees

Trees generally benefit from deep watering in the fall. This process involves your landscaper drilling a hole or several holes in the soil surrounding the tree and injecting water down into those holes. By injecting the water near the tree roots rather than counting on it soaking down from the surface, you ensure your tree is actually able to use more of the water. This water will allow the tree to start the winter better hydrated, which should help it grow stronger leaves and branches in the spring. If your landscaping team feels the tree needs it, they can also inject some fertilizer while they deep water.

Cutting Back Bulb Perennials 

Perennial, bulb plants like tulips and daffodils, generally do best when the green, above-ground portions of the plants are cut off before winter comes. This prevents the plant from wasting resources to keep these green parts alive when they're not going to flower. If you have these plants cut back now, they'll grow back bushier and with more flowers next year. 

Grub Treatment

One final fall landscaping service to consider is grub treatment. Your landscaper can scatter a specialized insecticide over the lawn. The residue will remain in the springtime, and when beetles start laying eggs, the treatment will keep those eggs from hatching. It's really hard to get rid of grubs once they are present in a lawn, so spreading a preventive treatment is very worthwhile. 

Fall is a good season to focus on preventative and preparatory landscaping services. For more information about landscaping services, contact a local landscaping business.


16 October 2020

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