Enjoy a Great Lawn Later With Landscaping Chores Now


Want a great-looking lawn? If you want to reap the rewards in spring and summer, there are things that you should do now to prepare your lawn and landscape. Do these things now, so you can enjoy a great-looking lawn later:

Clean Up

It is never too soon to begin spring cleaning, at least when it comes to your yard and landscaping. Clean up foliage, leaves, and debris from the previous season to prepare your lawn for warm weather. Getting rid of weeds, old mulch, and clippings is the first step toward better grass and gardens.

Turn and Till

Once you have cleared and cleaned your yard, it is time to turn and till the ground. Aerating the area that you plan to plant will make it easier, but know that you should work relatively swiftly or risk weeds moving in. If you plan to prepare the earth early, use a layer of weed-prevention fabric across the top to prevent the sun from reaching potential weeds.

Prune Trees

It is vital to prune trees and foliage, and there is no time like the present. Consider rejuvenation pruning which is more dramatic and that helps thin out congested areas of your landscaping to revitalize your existing trees, plants, and foliage. Remember that trees left untrimmed pose a safety hazard with the potential of causing property damage and injury; talk to your lawn service professional about tree trimming service provision.

Consider Composting

Now is the time to think about composting, too. Compost is comprised of organic food scraps and waste, that helps make your lawn lush and full- as well as feeds your gardens, beds, shrubs, and plants, too. Composting is better than applying fertilizer; it is cheaper and something you can create to apply on your own.

Seed Grass

You can seed or overseed your lawn during both fall and in spring, though if you use herbicides or other chemicals on your grass, do not seed at the same time. As most property owners apply weed killer during seasons of growth, it may be best to seed, reseed, and overseed in late fall through early spring, depending on the region and grow zone that you live in.  

Plant Perennials

Plant your perennials in early spring. If they are not hardy plants, postpone planting until after the last frost to protect them.

Take time to tend to these landscaping and lawn care tips now and enjoy lush grass later. You can also work with local lawn care services to schedule routine maintenance and reap the benefits of a great lawn without worry or effort.


24 February 2021

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