Create Your Own Outdoor Grilling Area in the Span of a Weekend


Having to pull the grill onto the grass and trek across the lawn every time you want to cook something gets annoying. Why not create your own dedicated backyard grilling area? With a few basic DIY skills and the help of a friend or two, you can complete this project in the span of a weekend. Here's how. Install natural-stone pavers. Pouring a concrete pad would take too long. Here's a simpler idea: lay down a series of natural stone pavers to create a smooth, flat, heatproof area.

19 January 2017

Late Nights, Morning Glorys: Why Lawn Care Should Happen At Dusk


Many people will schedule their lawn maintenance for the beginning of the day. By the time that the work day is over, all of the lawn care will be performed. While the beginning of the day is traditional, you may wish to wait until the sun starts to set before you get your lawn maintained. Here are a few reasons why you should set up appointments with your lawn care company at the end of the day.

10 January 2017