Landscape Trends You May Want To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Space In 2021


Whether you are designing a landscape for a new home or giving an old landscape an update, trends for 2021 will not disappoint. New landscape trends are far from boring and focus on outdoor living more than ever. Whether you want to garden or simply use your backyard for relaxation and entertaining, you are sure to find something you love about landscaping trends for the new year. More play, less work

8 December 2020

Fall Landscaping Services That Help Ensure A Beautiful Yard, Come Springtime


When fall comes, many homeowners take somewhat of a break from landscaping and figure they'll re-focus on their yard and gardens when spring arrives. If you're not sure what to do tor your yard after a long summer of watering, mowing, and fertilizing, you can manage to squeeze in just a few more specific landscaping services this fall. With these services, you will have a more beautiful yard come springtime.

16 October 2020

Three Ways That Land Clearing Promotes Safety


There are many benefits of hiring a local land clearing service to cut down trees, tear up brush, and otherwise clear a significant percentage of an overgrown piece of land. While you might struggle to some degree with the idea of getting rid of some or all of the trees on your land, it's important to realize that doing so can be highly valuable when it comes to the safety of your home and your family.

17 September 2020

Building A Treehouse? 3 Ways A Tree Service Can Help


A treehouse is one of the ultimate backyard kids' play areas, and it's something that many parents can tackle building on their own. But before and after the construction of your child's treehouse, you should work with a professional tree service. Here are three reasons why it benefits everyone. 1. Clean Up the Tree First Before you decide on the shape, size, placement, and height of the treehouse, give the tree itself some attention in order to ensure a safe result.

24 July 2020

Think About Using Masonry Walls In Your New House


When you are making plans as to what kind of house you want to build, there are all kinds of choices you are going to have to make. One of the things that you are going to have to consider is what kind of material you want to have your exterior walls to be made of. One of your choices is to go with some kind of masonry. Masonry This category covers a lot of things.

19 June 2020

Using Ornamental Grass Varieties to Add Color and Texture to Your Commercial Property


Ornamental grasses are low-maintenance vegetation that will add year round color to your business property and contrast with the flowering plants, shrubs, and patio furnishings that are located near the front of your office building. Learn more about incorporating ornamental grass onto your commercial property.  Choose Ornamental Varieties Most ornamental grasses require ample sunlight, nutrient-dense soil, and water. You can either purchase bags of grass seed and spread the contents across portions of the property that could benefit from a splash of color or you can purchase trays of ornamental grass and replant the blades around light poles, along walkways, or in flowerbeds.

28 May 2020

What To Expect With Sprinkler System Installation


A sprinkler irrigation system is a benefit to your yard. You can choose between an aboveground set of sprinklers or an underground irrigation system. However, the end result is the same — irrigation for your landscaping. You can even enjoy water-saving features such as a sensor that adjusts according to how much it has rained. While sprinkler installation can be a do-it-yourself job, it's one more easily handled by the professionals.

25 March 2020

Landscaping Supplies You'll Need To Make Flower Beds For Your Yard


Flowers add color and beauty to your lawn. However, you can't just plant them anywhere. You need well-defined beds that accentuate the flowers and protect them from grass and weeds. Choosing the right flowers and soil amendments are the hard parts about planting flowers. Making the beds is much easier. Here are a few landscaping supplies you'll need. Edging To Hold Back Grass Edging makes up the boundaries of a flower bed.

3 February 2020