Enjoy a Great Lawn Later With Landscaping Chores Now


Want a great-looking lawn? If you want to reap the rewards in spring and summer, there are things that you should do now to prepare your lawn and landscape. Do these things now, so you can enjoy a great-looking lawn later: Clean Up It is never too soon to begin spring cleaning, at least when it comes to your yard and landscaping. Clean up foliage, leaves, and debris from the previous season to prepare your lawn for warm weather.

24 February 2021

Weed Control Tactics to Help Reduce Your Reliance on Herbicides


Herbicides are certainly effective for weed control. However, there are some good reasons why you may want to limit your use of them. Perhaps you want to avoid killing off other plants in the process of treating weeds, or maybe you want to limit herbicide runoff into nearby streams. In any event, there are some ways to keep your weeds under closer control throughout the year so you don't need to rely so heavily on herbicide sprays and granules.

27 January 2021